2015 Transit Connect Passenger Wagon

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Available in XL & XLT Models

The Ford passenger wagon has been completely transformed.

The all-new Ford Transit Wagon is a major transformation of the wagon you’ve been accustomed to driving and the wagon is available in 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-passenger models. Configure a Transit passenger wagon with the combination of box length and height for the passenger capacity you need. The Ford Transit is designed for capability and flexibility – and engineered to Built Ford Tough® standards for durability.


Wheelbases and Body Lengths

The Transit offers a variety of body lengths and two wheelbases (130” and 148”) to match the particular requirements of your business or transporting people.

Three Roof Heights

With the three available roof heights combined with the three body lengths, you have multiple choices in the space you have for people and their belongings.

  • Low (83.6”) and medium (100.8”) roof heights on the regular 130” wheelbase*
  • Low (83.2”), medium (100.7”) and high (110.1”) roof heights on the long 148” wheelbase*
  • High (109.4”) roof height on the long 148” wheel/extended body*

*Roof heights vary by wheelbase/model. Maximum height provided.

Unibody Construction

The Transit Cargo Van and Wagon are built with lightweight yet strong unibody construction. Front, rear and side rails are welded with the floor pan, crossmembers and torque boxes to form a single body. Unibody construction, while lighter in weight than body-on-frame, yields tremendous strength and capability It’s built with high-strength steel as well as boron steel (up to four times stronger) in select areas.


GVWRs and Payloads

Transit Wagon has a GVWR range from 8,550 lbs. (single rear wheels) to 10,360 lbs. (dual rear wheels). Payloads go from 2,290 (single rear wheels) on up to 3,710 lbs. (dual rear wheels).

Towing Capability and Features

Transit has a maximum tow rating of 7,000 lbs. (Van). The essentials you need for towing are in the trailer tow package available for van and wagon models, including a frame-mounted receiver hitch, 4-pin/7-pin connector, electric brake controller tap-in capability, relay system for backup/b+/running lights, and trailer wiring provisions. Also included is the driver-activated tow/haul mode that compensates for grade and load and reduces gear hunting, improving power delivery.

The available trailer brake controller (TBC) works in conjunction with the anti-lock brakes and synchronizes the vehicle and trailer brakes for seamless braking. Another helpful option is the rear view camera with multicolored guide lines that assist you when hitching up to a trailer.

And there’s trailer sway control (TSC) technology included in the Trailer Wirings Provisions Package. Integrated with the standard AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™, TSC uses selective wheel braking and reduced engine power to help maintain trailer control, even when you’re towing a very heavy load.39


The Transit offers a line of power-efficient engines designed for the cost-conscious business: The standard 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 with advanced twin independent variable cam timing. The innovative 3.5L EcoBoost® delivering V6-type fuel economy with V8-type performance. And the proven 3.2L I-5 Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel combining power, efficiency plus Built Ford Tough® Ford durability and dependability. The challenge of operating at high performance while helping keep costs low has gotten a lot easier.

3.7L Ti-VCT V6

The standard 3.7L V6 delivers responsive performance with 275 horsepower and 260 lb.-ft. of torque along with impressive fuel efficiency, thanks in large part to twin independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT) technology.

Intake and exhaust valves typically have to open and close at a fixed point, compromising performance. But Ti-VCT virtually eliminates this compromise. With its variable control of valve cam timing, Ti-VCT can optimize performance across the entire range of the power band to match the driving condition of the moment, all the while burning fuel with impressive efficiency.

The 3.7L is E85 flex-fuel capable. And a CNG/LPG Gaseous Engine Prep Package for power conversion to compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquid propane gas (LPG) is available.

3.5L EcoBoost V6

The available EcoBoost® engine is amazingly power-efficient. Displacing 3.5 liters, the EcoBoost generates 310 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. of torque. What makes this possible are the combined technologies of direct injection and turbocharging.

Direct injection (DI) delivers a precise, fine mist of fuel directly into each cylinder, unlike conventional port fuel injection that sprays into the intake system. DI is designed to extract as much power as possible from every drop of fuel.

Turbochargers kick in on demand to provide a surge of responsive power when needed. The 3.5L EcoBoost V6 uses two small turbochargers that spool up to their operating speeds quickly. The turbochargers and direct injection combine to produce impressive torque output early in the rpm range.

3.2L I5 Diesel

Severe-duty applications like courier and transport duty call for an engine to run many hours a day under constant idling and stop-and-go conditions. The answer: the available direct-injected 3.2L Power Stroke® inline I-5 Turbo Diesel that puts out 185 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque.

This B20 bio-diesel-capable Transit engine option is designed to help give you the right balance of power and efficiency, plus proven Ford diesel ruggedness and dependability.

With the available Manual Regen Initiation feature, you don’t have to drive at cruising speed to get the engine temperature high enough to initiate regeneration, the process of burning off soot from exhaust gases trapped in the diesel particulate filter (DPF). While the engine is idling, you can activate Manual Regen Initiation to raise the exhaust gas temperature to burn off the soot. After the burn-off is completed, the exhaust temperature reverts to its normal level.

6-Speed SelectShift® Automatic Transmission

Every Transit engine gets a 6-speed SelectShift® transmission designed for low-end acceleration and high-end efficiency. And SelectShift gives you two modes of operation to choose from: Progressive Range Select lets you toggle on the shift lever to reduce the range of available gears while in Drive. Or choose Full Manual function that lets you pull the shift lever into “M” for manual mode and use the same toggle switch to select the gear desired.

Flex-Fuel Capability

The 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 is flex-fuel capable. Run on unleaded gasoline, E85 (up to 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline), or any mix of the two. Fuel injection and spark timing are adjusted automatically according to the blend detected by electronic sensors. Also, the 3.2L I-5 Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel is B20-capable, meaning it can run on 80 percent diesel/20 percent biodiesel fuel.

Engine - CNG/LPG Gaseous Engine Prep Package.

Includes hardened engine intake and exhaust valves*

Compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid propane gas (LPG) are becoming increasingly popular choices for those looking to reduce fuel costs. That’s why the 3.7L V6-powered Transit offers the CNG/LPG Gaseous Engine Prep Package.* Included are hardened exhaust valves and valve seats for improved wear resistance and durability for gaseous fuel systems.

The 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 is flex-fuel capable. Runs on unleaded gasoline, E85 (up to 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline), or any mix of the two. Fuel injection and spark timing are adjusted automatically according to the blend detected by the electronic sensors.

*Vehicle will be equipped with the standard factory gasoline fuel system. This package does not include CNG/LPG fuel tanks and lines, etc. See your dealer for details.


Work more efficiently, productively, profitably.

Cargo Door Configurations

Transit Van low-roof models come with passenger-side 60/40 hinged cargo doors, while the medium- and high-roof models have a passenger-side sliding cargo door. If your job calls for working from both sides, dual sliding side cargo doors (Late Availability) are available on medium- and high-roof vans.

The rear hinged 50/50 cargo doors swing open 180 degrees on the 130-inch wheelbase model. On the 148-inch wheelbase model (shown), the cargo doors open 270 degrees and are held open by magnets. The high roof model makes loading and unloading easy with its best-in-class* rear door opening. The standard step bumper also makes getting in and out of the cargo area easy. And the rear doors are fitted with high-visibility reflective strips on the door edges so they can be easily seen when the doors are open.

Modern Interior

With comfort so important to productivity, the Transit interior shows a distinctly driver-focused attitude. The driver’s seat is adjustable to several positions, and the steering wheel tilts and telescopes to provide the most comfortable position for any driver. The modern, car-like instrument panel features ergonomic gauges and controls that are easy to read and reach. There’s plenty of storage space as well for carrying a wide assortment of travel items from coins and pens to sunglasses and beverages.

Crew Chief™ Telematics – powered by Telogis®*

Keep your fleet on the road instead of idling in the garage. Crew Chief™ powered by Telogis®* helps track your fleet and can assist you in everything from real-time vehicle maintenance alerts to routing.

A GPS-enabled “black box,” mounted inside your vehicle, records and processes a wealth of useful information – from current location, speed and fuel economy to airbag status and oil life remaining. Crew Chief uses this data to create helpful reports and real-time alerts for metrics that are important to your bottom line.

Crew Chief can monitor driver safety belt usage and real-time diagnostic alerts.** Other functionality includes satellite imagery, geofencing, and account hierarchies.** And Crew Chief does all this while your vehicles are on the road.

Crew Chief is available on Ford Transit cargo van and passenger wagon models.

*Ford Licensed Accessory. **Factory installation provides additional metric capability.

User-Defined Factory-Installed Upfitter Switches

It’s easy to use add-on systems with four available user-defined, factory-installed upfitter switches. Four circuits can operate high-power relays for heavy-duty accessories. They’re integrated into the instrument panel for fast power access and upfit operation. Clean installation is prewired and ready to go.

Driver Convenience

Ford Transit offers convenience features to assist you in the everyday tasks of driving. Take, for example, the available Ford SYNC® System.27 Access mobile communications, entertainment, directions and travel information using touch-sensitive buttons or simple voice commands.

Another feature is the available Lane-Keeping Alert (Late Availability) – the steering wheel vibrates to warn you when you’re drifting out of your lane.* Included is Driver Alert that senses lane drifts over time and signals you to pull over and take a break.

And to help you when backing up, Transit offers the available Rear View Camera with Trailer Hitch Assist (visual display) and also the Reverse Sensing System (audible alert).

*Lane Keeping Alert does not control steering. Driver-assist features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s judgment.

Window Configurations

From no windows to windows all around, plus choices in-between, the Transit offers a wide variety of cargo side/rear door window configurations to match a specific application. A van carrying heavy furniture wall-to-wall would call for no windows or maybe just rear cargo door windows. A florist, on the other hand, would need windows all-around for maximum light.