Gator Ford


RV Repair and Maintenance


Gator Ford is the Nation’s Largest Ford RV Service Facility


Located in Tampa, Florida, Gator Ford specializes in full chassis service and maintenance for Class A, B, and C recreational vehicles.


We know that regular RV maintenance and repairs make more than good sense. They also maintain the value of your RV for years to come. Our technicians are trained and certified by Ford Motor Company, ASE, Caterpillar and Cummins Engine Division engines. Our experienced service technicians get things done right the first time. And, our convenient repair facility means quick and easy drop off, giving you priority service and less down time for your RV.








Our Services Include:


Cruise control

Engine oil change

Fuel system and tank

Rear-end differential

Shock absorbers

Tires – balancing, replacements

Vibration and drivability

Complete brake service

Complete diesel chassis repair

ONAN generator service

Drive shaft

Exhaust system


Serpentine belts

Tire pressure monitoring

Trailer brakes and axles

Four-point weight

Complete suspension service

Caterpillar & Cummins light repair


We Are a Certified Warranty Repair Center For:

Ford Class A, B, and C


Maintenance Specials:

Preventative maintenance is important, especially if your RV is stored more that it is used. Your RV is a valuable investment and can be costly to repair if not properly maintained. These are our maintenance recommendations based on manufacturer warranty requirements.


Battery Service – (every 12 months) – to achieve maximum performance and longer battery life – our service includes removal of house and chassis batteries, cleaning of terminals and posts, test cranking amps/volts, top-off fluid, clean battery tray, install acid neutralizer mat into battery tray, reinstall all batteries, apply anti-corrosive - $49.95 per battery


Brake Inspection & Lube – (diesel motorhomes, every 12 months) – removal of tires for inspection of brake linings, rotors and hoses – includes high pressure cleaning of brake sediment and lubrication of slack adjusters - $148.50


Brake and Axle Service – (trailers, every 12 months) – removal of tires for inspection and testing brakes for proper operation and amp draw – removal of drum and hub, and inspect brake shoes for excessive wear – inspect and repack wheel bearings, as necessary – check and adjust air pressure in tires - $198 single axle; $396 double axle; $594 triple axle


Chassis Lubrication Service – (motorhomes, every 12 months) – only the front grease points are lubricated when engine oil change is performed – this leaves the drive train unattended – our service includes lubrication of steering linkage, drive shaft, u-joints, front axle kingpins and front suspension – plus, inspection, and top-off of wheel bearing and rear axle lubricants - $179.95


Coolant Service - visual inspection of hoses, clamps, radiator and heater hoses – drain coolant and fill with new coolant - $199.99 gas; $289.99 diesel (prices include up to three gallons of coolant)




Transmission Service

  • Drain old transmission fluid and install new fluid
  • BENEFITS – improves shift patterns
  • $339.99 Diesel (up to 16 qts)
  • $189.95 Gas

BG Fuel Injection Service

  • Cleans gas injectors
  • Cleans intake valves
  • Controls combustion chamber deposit formation
  • BENEFITS – Improves overall engine performance – improves gas mileage
  • $159.99

BG Air Conditioning System Service

  • Cleans a/c ventilation system, reducing or eliminating harmful allergens
  • BENEFITS – creates a clean smelling ventilation system – helps quiet the system and reduce wear and tear – helps extend the life of your compressor – protects against corrosion and rust formation created by moisture
  • $149.99

BG Brake Flush – (every 2 years)

  • Removes contaminated fluid from entire hydraulic system
  • Replace old fluid with ultra-dry high, temperature DOT3 or DOT4 brake fluid
  • Inspect entire system for leaks
  • BENEFITS – enhances the life of the brake fluid – increases the boiling point of the fluid – enhances the like of the seals and hoses – increases braking power
  • $179.95

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